My husband JP and I snuck away for a few days to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.  The girls (Libby, Amanda, Nicole, Lauren, Jenna, and Katie) are all still back in Ohio holding down the fort at Blink! They are still editing, meeting clients, designing albums, holiday cards, shooting etc, etc.  Thank you girls for working so hard so I can take this (much needed) time away.  

I will return back to the studio Monday :)

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cubasc says:

look at that stud

(11.19.09 @ 09:14 AM)
Melissa Bauzo says:

Have fun! You two deserve it. :)

(11.19.09 @ 10:18 AM)
lroah says:

I take it you decided on Jamaica? Where did you go? Happy Anniversary to you both!

(11.19.09 @ 10:59 AM)
Alecia Rawlins says:

What a well deserved break. Congratulations to you both! Enjoy it. Here's to the next 10 being even better!

(11.19.09 @ 06:00 PM)
Jaime says:

happy 10th!!! Have fun. :)

(11.19.09 @ 07:08 PM)
Oprah Winfrey says:

Carmen, girl....first you come to Chicago and don't call, and now you have obvioulsy run off to Jamaica! Have fun and keep up the great work. So proud!!! Best, O.

(11.20.09 @ 05:34 AM)
Faye Sommer says:

Congrats girl! Have so much fun and be sure to drink a Red Stripe for me :)

(11.20.09 @ 08:33 AM)
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while in florida shooting a wedding ... i decided to bring the boys down and hang with the grandparents. they've had a great time at the beach, fishing, swimming, and just hanging out. their last hurrah before school starts on monday!!

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This month is just about over and was jam packed full of 4 weddings, lots of portrait + commercial sessions and an amazing photography retreat to marfa, texas! The girls at the studio have been working away editing sessions, filling orders and designing albums. I just returned from my trip and have my last wedding of the month tomorrow.  Thanks to everyone for such an amazing month and get ready for some great images. If you want to see and hear more about Marfa check it out here

I'm so happy to have spent the last several days with these woman. The trip included banana bike rides around town,  crazy fun dinners, margarita's and wine, adventures and shooting around the stunning scenery of marfa, talking about where we are in the industry and where we want to be,  walks to the coffee shop,  hanging by the pool,  and so much more!  I am so excited about my business and how I'm going to balance my life to make it as successful as possible. These girls are amazing and i'm so happy to call them friends!


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Anonymous says:


(06.29.09 @ 08:18 PM)
Nicole K says:

What a great shot, Carmen! The "F" cracks me up... LOL!

(06.29.09 @ 08:41 PM)
wrecklessgirl says:

yep, i totally miss your smile! you're probably back now, enjoying your kiddos and your hubby a whole bunch! can't wait until the next trip! :)

(07.03.09 @ 02:33 AM)
abe says:

awesome pic!

(07.04.09 @ 11:51 PM)
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on mother's day i had the best gift ever ... a family photoshoot of "my family!" would you believe that as many family sessions as i have taken of others ... i had none of my own. i cannot tell you how happy i was to finally set a date to have us photographed.

I had been admiring bobbi + mike (husband and wife team from indianapolis) for some time. i think anyone that's a photographer knows them but my dayton clients may not ... so check them out .... they are AMAZING!  i was so excited they came here to dayton to photograph us!!! YAY for us :)

i'm posting a few but go see for yourself here because bobbi has funny & sweet comments along with the images.


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Lynn Hecker says:

what a beautiful family! gorgeous pictures :)

(05.18.09 @ 09:15 PM)
davina says:

Carmen! I love your new blog! It looks so fresh and that little tag at the top is so fun. And these pictures of your family...I'm so glad you got them and I finally get to see all of you together!

(05.18.09 @ 11:21 PM)
shanna says:

could you be any more precious????? nope! you're maxed out! they're great.

(05.19.09 @ 06:55 AM)
GIllian says:

These are amazing! And I have to say, you are one hot lookin' momma! And four boys?! How fun! You are so blessed! What a precious keepsake to have these photos to remind of you of the good days! :)

(05.19.09 @ 11:36 AM)
Jenni Carmon says:

LOVE THESE!!! Wish I had some of my own.

(05.19.09 @ 01:46 PM)
sandy says:

I love these! What a gorgeous family you have!!

(05.20.09 @ 02:12 PM)
Faye Sommer says:

Carmen I"m so excited for you and your family to have these pictures! B+M did an amazing job! I love the last one and can picture it as a gallery wrap on your wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(05.20.09 @ 02:57 PM)
melanie mauer says:

so dreamy, carmen!! a wonderful mother's day! xo, -m-

(05.20.09 @ 07:26 PM)
sarah says:

Those are beautiful...what a great mother's day gift.

(05.21.09 @ 12:16 PM)
nicki says:

LOVE these...was your session in Dayton? I love the urban feel

(05.21.09 @ 10:05 PM)
kim says:

Carmen! I love these. Your so lucky! Your family is a ball of fun. hope all is well. you look beautiful.

(05.25.09 @ 01:32 AM)
Shed Building says:

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David B.

(03.24.11 @ 03:56 PM)
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