jessica's a former bride and i was thrilled when she called to schedule a maternity session. she is such a natural beauty and dan is a great guy and so fun to be around. they drove up from cincinnati on a cold winter day so we did most of the shooting in the studio. we had fun listening to the band cake on the i-pod and then ran out for some starbucks while grabbing a few outdoor shots. i'm dying to meet their little one in a couple months. stay warm and i'll see you soon!

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Michelle Guzman says:

What an adorable couple. This is such a great maternity shoot! :)

(02.02.10 @ 09:53 PM)
lindsey brittain says:

She looks so cute pregnant! Great job Carmen!

(02.04.10 @ 12:48 AM)
Kelly Settle says:

Cute stuff Carmen. Love the yellow & orange.

(02.04.10 @ 02:16 PM)
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sorry for the time away but i had such a crazy december that i took a break from blogging. many of you have hinted about when my next post was going to be ... and here it is! it's winter in ohio and lately a lot of grey skies, some snow but mostly wet and cold weather around here. i've been cooking up a storm at home with the kids, organzing my house and designing gallery wraps for my 2009 clients. i know i've said this before but i need to take pictures of the beautiful wall collages we've done because they are gorgeous! we just did a fun shoot for "flour and child". whitney the owner is a former bride, maternity and family client but most of all a fabulous baker and friend. she has a blog which you should check out if you want to get a hold of some of her goodies! her baked goods are scrumptious!!! i ordered some special for our family and friends over the holidays because they are sooo delicious. thanks to amanda for helping me shoot. whitney brought her kiddos to help style the session ... they were so cute!

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whitney says:

the pictures rock, carmen & amanda!!! thank you...

(01.27.10 @ 05:08 PM)
Melissa B. says:

Okay, love the pictures but I am sure I would love eating those yummy treats more. :) Hope to see you soon.

(01.27.10 @ 08:49 PM)
maria hardy says:

awesome pics and desserts! two of my favorite things all wrapped into one...only wish I could eat what I am seeing!! very impressive!

(01.27.10 @ 09:30 PM)
shanna says:

beautiful...makes my mouth water!

(01.29.10 @ 07:26 AM)
G. Paltrow says:

Carmie - you've done it again! Love the pics...SO FAB! Glad you are back, I was having withdrawal! I hear you are coming to SoCal for Spring Break - please look me up! GP

(01.29.10 @ 08:12 AM)
Michelle Guzman says:

I should not be looking at these images. You are so talented and made these food images look AMAZING!!!!

(02.02.10 @ 09:54 PM)
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i went up to chicago a few weeks ago to photograph jenny and jarrod's engagement session. it was a chilly but beautiful december morning. i had such a nice time meeting them and spending a couple hours running around downtown chicago. jarrod use to play hockey and we randomly ran into an ice skating rink ... i asked them if they wanted to take a few laps around the rink .... they said yes! of course i was excited ... i love when couples do things that are unique, different but meaningful in some way. thanks again for a great session and i can't wait to see you both again!

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Betty Schear says:

Grandma likes all the photos. Thanks for showing me.

(01.03.10 @ 06:32 PM)
Amber Fox says:

I love these photos! I think you captured the heart of the city with a beautiful couple in love. I laugh too, cause I recently took a bride and groom, on their wedding day, ice skating as well. So fun!

(01.05.10 @ 02:28 PM)
Laura says:

LOVE these!

(01.12.10 @ 03:05 PM)
shannon says:

Carmen, you ROCKED this session! What a gorgeous couple and so much personality. Love it.

(01.13.10 @ 10:33 AM)
Allie says:

Holy crap she has GORGEOUS EYES!! This is a fantastic is awesome! :) Great work as always.

(01.15.10 @ 12:28 PM)
jenny says:

yay! ice skating! love all of these :)

(01.19.10 @ 12:38 AM)
Mindy says:

Great shots, I loved the stairs shots and the close ups because of the eyes!

(01.22.10 @ 07:07 PM)
Michelle Guzman says:

These are so modern and fun. I love the ice skating.

(02.02.10 @ 09:55 PM)
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the night before christmas ... and all through the house .... i was cooking up our christmas dinner.  while waiting for our roast to reach the perfect temperature i  grabbed the computer to blog a quick post.  i found this picture of our boys from a short 3 years ago.  how time zooms by! we're enjoying every minute of it!!!!  have a merry christmas everyone :)


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lroah says:

Merry Christmas to all of you. Have fun in the morning! PS - where is my Christmas card? :)

(12.25.09 @ 02:07 AM)
Melissa B. says:

So cute! Time does fly....and they are making me feel old! :) Can't wait to see you in a few days.

(12.26.09 @ 06:03 PM)
Lia says:

so adorable ! i just recently found your blog and fell in LOVE with your photos ! can you please do my wedding when i get married ?? (which isn't happening for a while hehe)

keep up the beautiful work !

(12.28.09 @ 09:35 PM)
Gedas Girdvainis says:

So Cute!!! ::)))

(01.03.10 @ 04:49 AM)
Michelle Guzman says:

Both photos are great. How fun to see the change. I have photos of my niece and I sometimes tear up at how much she has changed. LOL.

(02.02.10 @ 10:04 PM)
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