well, hello dear neglected blog. it's pretty common this time of year i am MIA around here. typically, after december i have to catch up on edits, after holiday orders and re-organize myself at home and work. i re-focus on my family who i hardly see in the fall and get ready for the year to come. without this time, i would spin completely out control and that would be a bad thing. we have a lot of exciting things happening around here and i'll be posting that in the near future. for now i want to post this amazing engagement session i did in arizona around the end of december. i always stress how important these get-to-know-you sessions are and this one was no exception. i was lucky enough to spend extra time with angie and zach because i stayed over at their house before heading to northern california for a wedding the next day. i did not know these two well before my visit but after i left i really felt like we'd become great friends. there was lots of sunshine (miss that right now), lots of great food, funny stories ... i can go on and on about all the fun we had during my time there but let's just say i cannot wait for their wedding!

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