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Christiane says:

Thank you so much for everything...the day in Yellow Springs, the amazing photography, and for working so hard to get these up so fast!

(05.01.11 @ 09:51 PM)
kristen says:

i LOVE these- so casual, so natural and just so awesome!

(05.01.11 @ 10:19 PM)
Kim says:

these are so fun! i love the montage of the little boy and especially the bike scenes.

(05.02.11 @ 07:29 AM)
Cece says says:

WOW! Real Joy & Love captured in the amazing photography!

(05.02.11 @ 09:43 AM)
carmen says:

thanks everyone!

(05.02.11 @ 03:07 PM)
Justin Page says:

Awesome photos guys! :)

(05.03.11 @ 11:13 AM)
Jimbo says:

Me love want picture. Me likey.

(05.03.11 @ 08:56 PM)
Heather says:

Awesome pictures! you guys are so cute together!!

(05.09.11 @ 08:56 AM)
Linda Pritchard says:

There is a lot of love in these pictures. Beautiful family moments.

(05.09.11 @ 09:53 AM)
Arlene Rescigno says:

Great pcitures! Lots of love, warmth and laughter!

(05.23.11 @ 09:23 PM)
Alene Rscigno says:

Great pictures! Lots of love, warmth and laughter!

(05.23.11 @ 09:25 PM)