i'm finally back to the blog world after a winter break i gave myself.  spent most of the time with my kiddos and i focused a lot on the family and home stuff. i have so many incredible weddings, engagement sessions and lifestyle sessions from 2010 that i still have not blogged. i'm hoping to start back up a trickle them in as time goes. i have my first wedding of the year on saturday and i am so excited for the season to begin.  taking a break really helps refresh my creative juices after such a busy year. i needed some down time to be the best i can be in the coming months.  not to mention my poor family missed me. so to begin here are emily and matt!  they are just adorable and i'm so excited for their upcoming wedding.  we used the red balloon bc i know emily loves red balloons. she's planning for all her guests to have one red balloon at the end of her ceremony ... in which they will let go all at once.  i can't wait for that photo op. so for now enjoy some of my favorites from their session and i'll be back soon :)

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Kim says:

just lovely. what a pretty girl.

(03.10.11 @ 11:15 AM)