i'm so happy to be blogging some of the weddings i shot last past fall.  beth and josh's wedding was definitely one i had been looking forward to ever since beth and her mom came into the studio for their consultation.  you see beth went to college and law school with two former brides jessica and allie whom i absolutely adore. so of course i already felt like beth knew me and what i was about!  then i shot one of my favorite engagement sessions with them and the rest is history.  the wedding was so classy, full of lots of love, warmth and amazing time was had by all!  it was such a joy to be part of your day. thanks for making me feel like a part of your family xoxo enjoy some of my favorites :)

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Beth Berkowitz says:

Thank you Carmen!!!

(01.10.11 @ 10:49 AM)
Lauren says:

Beautiful Carmen! I love the polaroids!

(01.10.11 @ 10:56 AM)
Anna Heed says:

What else to say than I LOVE IT!! Like everything that you do Carmen, amazing!

(01.10.11 @ 02:27 PM)
alli says:


(01.10.11 @ 09:43 PM)
Braden Jobson says:

Wow, stunning! Love the Polaroid pictures. You blog is seriously addicting.

(01.13.11 @ 03:21 PM)