so much to say about these two and their incredible wedding. for now i will leave you with this part I of amanda and brian's wedding day and fill you in on all the details later. have a wonderful weekend everyone. stay warm and safe :)

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Faith LaRocque says:

Part 1 pictures are really beautiful, nice job, but then you had a beautiful person to photograph. Amanda made a beautiful bride which was not un-expected because she was always a beautiful littlegirl, then teen and then into her adult years. I kinda knew when I first met her when she was probably six weeks old that she would be a beautiful person. Thanks for sharing her photos and am looking forward to part 2.

(12.18.10 @ 11:13 AM)
Kenneth J. Alberts says:

Such an incredible archive of the most wonderful event we have ever attended. The Alberts family is so pleased to have Amanda in Brian's and our lives. These pictures truly capture the depth of her soul. Just look into her eyes and you will see it too! Nice work Carmen!!!

(12.19.10 @ 06:39 AM)