josh and elizabeth are friends of three former brides and just the kinda couple i love to photograph. even though elizabeth is unique from jessica, alli and meredith, they have the same common denominator, they 100% trust me and are beyond excited for me to be their photographer. they have lots of amazing qualities but i love beth's down-to-earth personality & style and josh is just completely adorable. thanks for a crazy, fun summer evening and i can't wait for your wedding this september!


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Jessica Mullen says:

AMAZING!!! Carmen you are wonderful!! What a good looking couple!

(07.14.10 @ 11:16 AM)
Liz Wood says:

WOW! These are gorgeous! I especially love the pictures with Butter in them! Super cute! :)

(07.14.10 @ 12:15 PM)
carol fischer says:

I LOVE them ! You two are soooo adorable. Was Butter yawning!!! How rude.
Carmen, they are beautiful. I can't wait till the wedding!

(07.14.10 @ 04:48 PM)
Peggy B says:

They are so beautiful - made me tear up.
amazing eyes, handsome couple and Butter too. Carmen - you did it again!

(07.14.10 @ 06:13 PM)
Sue Woodke says:

I ♥ these!!! They all just scream how happy you are. You both are gorgeous!!!

(07.14.10 @ 07:10 PM)
Lauren Demeropolis says:

L.O.V.E. Love the pics. Your emotions are truly captured in these. So Beautiful. I can't wait to see the wedding pictures already. yay!

(07.14.10 @ 11:05 PM)
Jenny Beck says:

Your photos are always so fun and full of life! Love stopping by! =)

(07.16.10 @ 10:55 AM)
Carole Dorn says:

Like Peggy, I teared up just viewing these wonderful photos. What an adorable couple! My second grade student all grown up!

(07.27.10 @ 08:16 AM)