I'm finally back to blogging after the longest spell i can remember. we've been shooting weddings every weekend and lifestyle sessions during the week but i squeezed in a move as well.  i cannot believe how much "stuff" i accumulated in 9 years. we got bought a new house with a bigger yard for the boys and it's still walking distance from their school, their friends, the studio, starbucks and yummy graeters!

here's some of what me and the girls have been shooting the past several weeks: 

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melissa says:

love the sneak peek. Can't wait to see you! What are you all doing this weekend?

(06.30.10 @ 03:43 PM)
Kim S says:

I love your work! I can't wait for you our newborn photo session with you in a few weeks! You're so talented! Love the green rug photo of the baby + boy. Looking forward to meeting you! Good luck getting settled in your new house.

(07.01.10 @ 10:15 AM)