we had an amazing wedding even with all the rain this past weekend.  thanks jake and jenna!
here's a peek :)


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Heather says:

oh my goodness! carmen!!!!!! I'm sceaming and crying at the same time. I love them! I can't wait to see the rest. carmen, i am so thankful that you traveled to us to take pictures. i can't speak more highly of you! Your fabulous. i'm declaring the newest part of our family. welcome and thanks for the memories!

heather knoske

(04.27.10 @ 01:41 PM)
Krissie says:

Carmen - true talent! can't wait to see all the pics. jake and jenna will be sooooooooooooo happy!

(04.28.10 @ 07:57 PM)
Melissa B. says:


(04.29.10 @ 10:59 AM)
Penny Brown says:

These are so beautiful! I thought I was looking a pages in a magazine.

You guys are so beautiful together. Blessings on your marriage!

(05.03.10 @ 09:51 AM)