the last couple days i've started to really feel back to my old self. for starters, the weather was nice and mild. i also love this time of year when i can swing by trader joe's and pick up my favorite spring flowers.  i especially love pink ones.  i cut these, put them in water and placed them on our dinning room table ... life is good!  we're so blessed and i could not be more thankful for today :)


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shannon sewell says:

so glad to hear you are feeling better!!! love this set of images... :)


(03.24.10 @ 10:11 PM)
lroah says:

Love you! :)

(03.24.10 @ 11:49 PM)
mary page says:

oh they are so beautiful! this past weekend i saw those gorgeous ranunculuses at trade joe's. i'm so glad you picked some up. your images have brightened my day! :)

(03.25.10 @ 08:39 AM)
cubasc says:

hi mary,
you're so sweet! thanks for the comment :)
i couldn't spell the name of the flowers. i kinda stick to the photography and write as little as possible...haha!

(03.25.10 @ 12:52 PM)
cubasc says:

Girlfriend, my offer for VIP visit to Mayo still on the table. When you are ready, lets do that weekend in Chicago. xoxo, O....

(04.04.10 @ 08:41 AM)