i grabbed some valentine's day inspiration from some of my favorite blogs (images above are not mine) during the last few weeks ... most of which consisted of baking!  i was planning on baking away and making cute cards for the boys this past weekend. unfortunately, i ended up in the hospital last week and had quite the health scare. thank goodness i'm ok now. i'll be home recovering the next several weeks.  libby and the girls are still shooting and working at the studio while i'm away and back to my normal self. please feel free to email me ... i'll be checking it periodically. thanks to everyone who has called, facebooked, e-mailed and sent well wishes :)

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lroah says:

Feel better soon! Love ya!

(02.16.10 @ 12:45 AM)
Faye Sommer says:

Hey girl! I didn't know you were in the hospital! (I'm so behind on everything right now) I hope you are having a speedy recovery! all my best!!!

(02.18.10 @ 01:03 PM)