the night before christmas ... and all through the house .... i was cooking up our christmas dinner.  while waiting for our roast to reach the perfect temperature i  grabbed the computer to blog a quick post.  i found this picture of our boys from a short 3 years ago.  how time zooms by! we're enjoying every minute of it!!!!  have a merry christmas everyone :)


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lroah says:

Merry Christmas to all of you. Have fun in the morning! PS - where is my Christmas card? :)

(12.25.09 @ 02:07 AM)
Melissa B. says:

So cute! Time does fly....and they are making me feel old! :) Can't wait to see you in a few days.

(12.26.09 @ 06:03 PM)
Lia says:

so adorable ! i just recently found your blog and fell in LOVE with your photos ! can you please do my wedding when i get married ?? (which isn't happening for a while hehe)

keep up the beautiful work !

(12.28.09 @ 09:35 PM)
Gedas Girdvainis says:

So Cute!!! ::)))

(01.03.10 @ 04:49 AM)
Michelle Guzman says:

Both photos are great. How fun to see the change. I have photos of my niece and I sometimes tear up at how much she has changed. LOL.

(02.02.10 @ 10:04 PM)