this wedding was one of my favorites of the year. the wedding was in lynchburg, ohio which is a "one stop light" kind of town. it was my first time there and i was so excited as it was not my typical ohio wedding. it was refreshing to be in such a different environment...and sam had my creative juices flowing with all her great ideas. here's part 1 of the day. enjoy!

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lroah says:

Gorgeous. Love that last one especially!

(12.10.09 @ 09:56 PM)
Andy Nick says:

Wedding photography like this makes me want to get married just to hire you.

(12.10.09 @ 10:04 PM)
Jan says:

Beautiful......The shoes with the web are so very cool.

(12.11.09 @ 10:37 AM)
Corinna Hoffman says:

LOVE that shot with the shoes and spiderweb!! :)

(12.26.09 @ 09:45 PM)
Mindy says:

I really like the first vail shot. The colors of the flowers really brought everything together.

(01.22.10 @ 07:09 PM)
Michelle Guzman says:

I am not a fan of spiders, but that photo with the web is amazing. What an interesting detail!

(02.02.10 @ 10:06 PM)