My husband JP and I snuck away for a few days to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.  The girls (Libby, Amanda, Nicole, Lauren, Jenna, and Katie) are all still back in Ohio holding down the fort at Blink! They are still editing, meeting clients, designing albums, holiday cards, shooting etc, etc.  Thank you girls for working so hard so I can take this (much needed) time away.  

I will return back to the studio Monday :)

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cubasc says:

look at that stud

(11.19.09 @ 09:14 AM)
Melissa Bauzo says:

Have fun! You two deserve it. :)

(11.19.09 @ 10:18 AM)
lroah says:

I take it you decided on Jamaica? Where did you go? Happy Anniversary to you both!

(11.19.09 @ 10:59 AM)
Alecia Rawlins says:

What a well deserved break. Congratulations to you both! Enjoy it. Here's to the next 10 being even better!

(11.19.09 @ 06:00 PM)
Jaime says:

happy 10th!!! Have fun. :)

(11.19.09 @ 07:08 PM)
Oprah Winfrey says:

Carmen, girl....first you come to Chicago and don't call, and now you have obvioulsy run off to Jamaica! Have fun and keep up the great work. So proud!!! Best, O.

(11.20.09 @ 05:34 AM)
Faye Sommer says:

Congrats girl! Have so much fun and be sure to drink a Red Stripe for me :)

(11.20.09 @ 08:33 AM)