we're in the memphis airport waiting for our flight back home. we miss our boys and we both   know lots is waiting on our return.  i put this collage together as i was downloading my cards on the plane.  there are so many more incredible images i would love to share but here's a few for now.

by the way, tensing pen resort on the west side cliffs of negril, jamaica was complete relaxation and one of the most beautiful places i've ever seen. simple, private, charming, stunning views, easy going and on and on ...... it came very close to the greek islands.   


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Janel Barnett says:

Looks like paradise. Glad you guys got a break from the craziness. It looks very peaceful there...like you were the only ones there!

(11.22.09 @ 09:13 AM)
Jenny Beck says:

Your trip looks incredible! Ah...I would love a vacation like that right about now! =)

(11.23.09 @ 11:27 AM)