alecia and dan were married on september 25th at frank lloyd wright's westcott house in springfield, ohio. even though it rained on and off .... both weddings that weekend were so unique, fun and perfect . i loved everything about both couples and their weddings.  you will see samantha + brian's wedding next but back to this post.

alecia did a fab job planning every detail.  the outdoor ceremony had twinkle lights and lanterns everywhere and i especially loved her white sofa's at each corner in the back ... such a nice comfy touch! the entertainers were incredible and my all time favorite decision was the authentic  burrito stand .... YUM, YUM!!!! alecia + dan ... thanks for having me be part of your day!

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John Johnston says:

Sheer Awesomness :-)

(11.16.09 @ 02:14 PM)
Andy Nick says:

No way to describe these, they're too amazing. Is there a style you didn't nail??? So many great shots, seriously.
Here's my favorites: aleicia_dan_blog_09.jpg, aleicia_dan_blog_10.jpg, aleicia_dan_blog_17.jpg, aleicia_dan_blog_28.jpg

WINNER: aleicia_dan_blog_29.jpg http://www.blinkofaneyephotography.com/blog/aleicia_dan_blog_37.jpg

(11.16.09 @ 09:52 PM)
Janel Barnett says:

Awesome pictures yet again. Regretting that my wedding did not have a burrito stand. That rocks. And is that really Dave Chappelle in that picture, or am I dreaming?!

(11.16.09 @ 09:58 PM)
jael deyoung says:

what a stunning wedding!! you did a FANTASTIC job my friend. I'd still LOVE to come hang with you one time..... :)

(11.18.09 @ 09:04 PM)
Dan The Groom says:

Wow! The pictures look FANTASTIC! And no one could tell the weather and the lighting conditions you were up against. You were able to capture the essence of that night and our relationship. It is amazing how Alecia's personality came out in the photos. Thanks for helping to make it a special day for us.

(11.19.09 @ 01:28 PM)
Kiara says:

These photos came out so great Carmen! Love them!! Great job!!

(11.20.09 @ 04:59 PM)
Michelle Guzman says:

These are just lovely. Beautiful work as always.

(02.02.10 @ 10:09 PM)