running out the door to pick up the kids from school ... quick post of one of my favorite families. they are beyond adorable and of course i have a special place in my heart for mother of twin BOYS!! those gorgeous eyes are unbelievable and are as real as you see them here!

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Melissa B. says:

I love the "copy" "paste" shirts....so cute!

(10.30.09 @ 03:15 PM)
Amanda Stanford says:

What a beautiful family! The copy/paste shirts are the best!!!

(10.30.09 @ 05:17 PM)
Karyn Hatch says:

This family is precious! Your images are amazing, Carmen!!!

(10.31.09 @ 08:45 AM)
Jaime says:

everytime we get pictures I can't wait to see them but these are my FAVORITE!!! i couldn't be happier- you are so talented. :)

(10.31.09 @ 01:52 PM)
Anonymous says:

love these!

(10.31.09 @ 04:25 PM)
Corissa says:

Those copy and paste shirts are too funny! I love them. Great photos!

(11.02.09 @ 10:37 AM)
Christy Ellison says:

Love Love Love the pictures. Very cute

(11.03.09 @ 05:37 AM)
susie lentz says:

copy and paste are too cute! enjoyed the chicago wedding couple also.

(11.13.09 @ 11:31 AM)
jael deyoung says:

LOVE the copy and paste....what a couple of little cuties. Another amazing job.

(11.18.09 @ 09:06 PM)
gina@kiwistreetstudios says:

very very cute family and fun photos to match!

(11.19.09 @ 12:39 PM)
Anonymous says:

love the copy paste and girl is so beutiful love the one in the cave

(12.21.09 @ 04:03 PM)
Michelle Guzman says:

Love these!!!!

(02.02.10 @ 10:11 PM)