i looooved this UD wedding and backyard reception for soooo many reasons. first, meredith + craig were incredibly  sweet, creative and trusted me 110%.  second, they were a referral from a  previous bride + groom "sam + jessica" whom i adore alomg with the bishops (jessica's mom + dad) :)

as you'll see in the images below ... this wedding was full of color, details, details, and more details!! everything from vintage vases for their center pieces to handmade pin wheels as unique seating cards. because they saw eachother before the ceremony we had plenty of time to shoot all over town! they even decided to make a pit stop a BW3's for a quick celebratory shot!  this wedding party was so much fun!!

the reception was at the evan's home and it could not have been more perfect .... the evening was very intimate ... i especially loved the lighting! thanks for letting me document your wonderfull day .... enjoy!

notice the ring bearer on the shot above and below:

meredith's family below along with a shoe shot .... loved them!!

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jess@studio3z says:

WOW!!! She chose some great (and brave) colors, and pulled them off FLAWLESSLY!!! Amazing! And Carmen, you lady are AMAZING!! These are so incredible. I am such a fan of your work.

(09.09.09 @ 02:29 PM)
bobbi says:

you just ROCKED this! The colors, the details, the everrrrrrything is PERFECTION! Carmen, you amaze me :)

(09.09.09 @ 03:03 PM)
Brian says:

Carmen, not only are your images amazing, but you incorporated the couples color scheme into your photography beautifully.

(09.09.09 @ 03:31 PM)
lroah says:

Umm..... hello!!!!!!! WOW - you da bomb!!! :)

(09.09.09 @ 06:54 PM)
Susan Newman says:

You are amazing!

(09.09.09 @ 08:19 PM)
kelly settle says:

Carmen, These are beautiful. You truly captured the energy & joy of their day:) Love the new watermark. Very nice.

(09.11.09 @ 06:41 AM)
jael deyoung says:

what a COOL wedding...LOVE the colors and you did an AMAZING job!!!!!

(09.20.09 @ 10:38 PM)