this wedding was very special because lindsey is one of our former nannys.  she spent a whole summer with us after i had my twin boys and is actually a twin herself.  after leaving the area to be a school teacher .... lindsey never forgot our family.  her and chris periodically would come over and see the boys ... sometimes they would steal them away for the day just for fun!  we all adore her and her entire family for that matter. i was so excited when lindsey asked me to photograph her wedding. i knew she would be a stunning bride and not to mention chris couldn't be any more handsome. their wedding was more than perfect! 

i know you've been dying to see these images. i cannot believe how dramatic the clouds were that day. .... slideshow coming soon .... enjoy!

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Vanessa says:

These are absolutely gorgeous!!!! :)

(08.12.09 @ 08:16 AM)
lroah says:

Aren't those your boys in the wedding? :) Beautiful - she will be thrilled!
Miss you!

(08.12.09 @ 11:34 AM)
Shannon Sewell says:

the colors are amazing!! what beautiful images :)

(08.12.09 @ 11:39 AM)
Jenny Beck says:

Stunning! Your pictures are, as always, incredible! I love following your blog! My favorite pic is of them on the hill kissing with their bridal party. Great Job!

(08.12.09 @ 03:54 PM)
katie says:

love those clouds! :)

(08.12.09 @ 06:32 PM)
melanie mauer says:

loving those cute ring bearers ;)

(08.12.09 @ 08:53 PM)
John Johnston says:

Can i just say that your images are wonderful. Ive had a look through a few of your weddings now and every one of them are great. Bookmarked for future use :-)

(08.25.09 @ 05:16 PM)