i'm heading out of town until next week but i wanted to quickly throw these on the blog. i loved this family session... they gave me complete freedom and i think everyone had a blast! the boys are huge baseball players ... so we had them play a little ball and then we headed to their favorite park!

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Vanessa says:

What a lovely post! They looked like they had so much fun and your color is fab! Love it

(07.23.09 @ 12:44 PM)
Shannon Sewell says:

you can just hear their laughter in these... absolutely beautiful!!! love that one of his tongue out on the swings- too cute!

hope you're having a great summer :)

(07.26.09 @ 05:44 PM)
Gillian says:

I love these images ... what a fun loving, family session! Great job!!

(07.26.09 @ 09:51 PM)