lynn and joel chose to see each other before the ceremony. so after they loved eachother up we headed around town to take some fun shots with the wedding party. i loved all the vibrant colors and everyone was so much fun!! as we were heading out to ceremony ... they stopped into a local bar (someone offered to buy them a shot) for good luck!


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Jan says:

Woweeeee! Lovely lovely pictures.............. Your Amazing

(06.11.09 @ 06:22 PM)
Carmen D'Ambrosio says:

These pictures are amazing!! It looks like every woman's fantasy! It doesn't hurt that the couple is so good looking. Carmen, great pictures!!!!!!

(06.12.09 @ 09:36 AM)
Kelly Settle says:

Wow Carmen! Love Love Love the boardwalk pics above & below. Great color.

(06.12.09 @ 10:03 AM)
Misty says:

These are AWESOME!! Love them all.

(06.12.09 @ 04:22 PM)
Melissa B. says:

So unique! So these pics. Beautiful!

(06.15.09 @ 12:49 PM)