i shot this picture from our balcony this morning at folly beach, sc.  i'm here with my husband and i just finished shooting the most beautiful wedding.  they predicted rain but we lucked out and had a gorgeous, gorgeous day!  


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Jan says:

Lovely view

(05.15.09 @ 10:41 AM)
Sarah says:

Looks heavenly. So do y'all get to relax at the beach today?

(05.15.09 @ 12:52 PM)
melanie mauer says:

i'm so happy the weather worked out! wish me the same luck tomorrow! xo

(05.15.09 @ 07:38 PM)
Anonymous says:

We did not spend too much time on the beach but enjoyed a great cup of coffee before we headed out to the airport. melanie ... hope the rain stayed away today! i love all the comments :)

(05.16.09 @ 10:46 PM)
Rachel says:

I cannot wait to see the pictures! I know they will be AMAZING!

(05.18.09 @ 11:34 AM)