i've been photographing these adorable boys for the last few years and they never let me down. this time was so special because i got to photograph their new baby sister elizabeth. this was one the best sessions i've had in my studio. i couldn't believe how amazing they all behaved. i wish my boys would be so into having their picture taken. thanks for such a fun afternoon and some great images!

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lroah says:

Delicious. How cute are these kids????!!!!!

(04.05.09 @ 12:41 AM)
Katie says:

So cute! I love the clean white of your studio in these.

(04.05.09 @ 09:20 AM)
Lindsey says:

I love the first picture! Such detail with the bubbles coming out of her mouth. How sweet! ; )

(04.07.09 @ 09:26 PM)